“We had 14 students working full time with the community. They took on board people’s hopes and dreams – it was blue-sky thinking. No one had ever spoken to the community of Wincobank about having something fantastic like this.”

Bridget Ingle, The Brendan Ingle Foundation
‘Vision for Wincobank’, ‘Wincobank Chapel’, ‘Ingle Gym’, ‘The Ingle Way’, 2012-18

“The Live Project has definitely strengthened and given weight to the Castlegate project. We see that as being a collective resource and that’s given us the confidence to say that in Castlegate we are going to do things in a collective way.”

Simon Ogden, Head of City Regeneration, Sheffield City Council
‘Revealing the Castle’, 2016

“The students’ work helped to inform future ideas and attract funding. Their project was instrumental in attracting nearly £1Million for The Making Rooms, a new FabLab in Blackburn town centre. The Live Project featured heavily in both the business plan and funding applications”

Claire Tymon, Blackburn is Open
‘ReCreate Blackburn’, 2013

“The development of a built-environment educational toolkit has been subject of much debate by the Trust and their pleasure on being presented with the toolkit is clear evidence of the students’ success in realising the outcomes of the project and the aspirations of the Trust to help Doncaster’s young people to have a better understanding of the town’s built-environment.”

Jeff Prior, Doncaster Civic Trust
Doncaster Young People’s Toolkit‘, 2012

“The Live Project gave in-depth research into the site and helped us see what opportunities and challenges it presents. Through in-depth consultation with artists and stakeholders the students helped us understand their needs and aspirations and tested our initial brief for the building. They also helped us communicate our project to funders and give our stakeholders greater confidence in the project so that we reduce risks and spend less time managing expectations and concerns.”

Ann Cunningham CEO, Art House, Wakefield
‘The Art House’,  2011

“This project has been a resounding success. Far beyond the tangible outputs, as powerful as they have been, the project has created moments that are impossible to capture. The energy through school, the sense of possibility and creativity, problem-solving and togetherness has touched the lives of so many children in deep, profound and meaningful ways.  For all these reasons, the true legacy of this project is hard to overestimate.”

Vanessa Langley, Headteacher, Arbourthorne Community Primary School
Praise Pods‘, 2010

“The involvement of the Live Projects helped to generate the Regeneration Framework and the Neighbourhood Strategies which are still in use today. The students had a lot of ideas which in turn had us thinking about what we can do with the area. In a sense we were following their way.”

Miranda Plowden, Regeneration Officer, SOAR (Southey Owlerton Area Regeneration)
‘Foxhill’, ‘Busk Meadows’, ‘Parson Cross’, ‘Green Ribbon’, 2000-2002