Year | 2001
Location | Parson Cross, Sheffield, UK
Client | SOAR with Miranda Plowden

The original brief for the project built upon the live projects which had run the previous year and in particular at Margetson Crescent. The brief specifically asked for re-design of the area including existing shops, community facilities and new sheltered housing.
Two workshops were held in September 2001 and October 2001. They both followed a similar format – the SOAR team introduced work to date and the questions that had emerged in relation to the framework. Eventus and the University’s School of Architecture students helped with producing materials and facilitating at the events.

The results of the project influenced the idea of Margetson Crescent as a district centre and helped the development of the area in the following years. Drawings were one of the most important outputs and the way that ideas were communicated fed straight into the SOAR Regeneration Framework, in particular the Neighbourhood Strategy for Parson Cross.

The following SOAR Streetscape project has achieved some of the ideas put forward by the Neighbourhood Strategies and the Live Project.