Year | 2001
Location | Foxhill, Sheffield, UK
Client | SOAR with Miranda Plowden

The main body of the project involved the formation of student led design proposals, which were presented to various community members and members of SOAR and informed the final neighbourhood strategy.

During the period of the Live Project the students examined the area of Foxhill through three main categories – The green spaces and play areas and their potential;  the existing housing and building stock and its optimisation for future development and the topography of the area (views) and transport links to the city.

The completed final report suggests ideas in each of the themes and also provides precedents which re-affirm the ideas discussed. It focuses on the many of the parks in Foxhill and developing ideas for their innovation. The report proposes re-design of some of the derelict buildings in the area, the introduction of landmark development, so crucial for navigating in the area and the idea that housing should follow the natural topography of the area.

The main adoption of the student project has been in the Neighbourhood strategy in 2001. The project has had the most direct impact on the corresponding Neighbourhood strategy. The study undertaken by the students has proven to be the source for much of the graphics and ideas in the Neighbourhood Strategy. As a consequence the Live Project has had a significant impact in the Park City Project, funded by HMR and undertaken by CABE, two of the parks in the project have been in Foxhill – Foxhill Park and Wolfe Road Park.