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People's Museum

A future vision for a People’s Museum in the dilapidated Gatehouse of Hillsborough Park
CommunityCreative ParticipationRefurbishmentStrategic PlanningToolkit

Exchange Place

This project looked to create a new vision and spatial direction for Exchange Place Studios.
CommunityCreative ParticipationExhibitionStrategic PlanningWayfinding

Maker Mindset

A three phase proposal for a Maker Space for primary school children and the community.
Creative ParticipationStrategic PlanningToolkit

Hope Valley College

Co-designing with students to improve the condition of the school through various workshops and activities.
Creative ParticipationRefurbishmentStrategic PlanningSustainability Strategy

Lift Up The Montgomery

This LP worked alongside the Montgomery and its building users asking what it means for a place and organisation to be truly accessible within 3 different scales: city, street and interior
CommunityCreative ParticipationRefurbishmentStrategic Planning

Breaking Ground

This project seeks to provide a performance stage in the built landscape for the Heeley community.
Creative ParticipationStrategic PlanningToolkit

Harmony Works+

Harmony Works will be the home of inspirational music education, enriching the lives and futures of young people across Sheffield.
CommunityFeasibility ReportStrategic Planning

Scrap Dragon

Our live project tasks focused on bringing Scrap Dragon to people and not just contrariwise.
CommunityCreative ParticipationStrategic PlanningToolkitWebsite

Cairo Bike

Exploration of potential Cairo bike sharing scheme in collaboration with the AUC ahead of COP27.
CommunityCreative ParticipationToolkit