Year | 2003
Location | Rotherham, UK
Client | Rotherham Primary Care Trust

We were approached by Rotherham Primary Care Trust to help them develop a new building type. The building is for the treatment and support of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary (lung) disease – an illness brought about by smoking but also endemic among ex-miners. Rotherham PCT is planning to approach the Coalfields Regeneration Trust for funding of this very high profile project. At the core are facilities for treatment of 12 patients, but beyond that the PCT is open to ideas – they are keen to avoid a stereotypical health building. Support for families, a hospice area, outpatients’ fitness suites may also be included.

The image of the building was also paramount, as it may be the naming of the building. The live project was to develop a brief for the building and come up with ideas for it.

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