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Prince Edwards Primary School, Manor Top

Year | 2004
Location | Manor Top, Sheffield
Client | Prince Edwards Primary School

This project was based at Prince Edwards Primary school in Manor Top, just south west of Sheffield city centre. The school is situated in an incredibly deprived area, which ranks in the bottom 5% of the country, suffering drug and alcohol problems. The school was built in the early 1900’s and originally designed as a secondary school for 1600 pupils, although it now only educates 400 at primary level. Because of this many aspects are unsuitable for its needs. The school also has a high proportion of children with special educational needs.

The brief is to propose a number of ideas and visions to improve various aspects of the school. The Live Project identified the following key areas for analysis:

1- School entrance and Circulation.
2- The playground situated around the main entrance.
3- Staffroom
4- Provision of specialist educational needs classrooms.
5- The playing field facility.

The team split into groups of two or more people and investigated the various problems and possible solutions for the different areas.The team regrouped regularly, and maintained client correspondence to develop the ideas into informative documentation for the school.

The main product of this Live Project is a series of 4 booklets outlining our findings and possible solutions to the key issues identified. The booklets are designed to deliver solutions in terms of ‘now’, ‘soon’ and ‘later’ time scales, to allow the school flexibility to carry out these improvements as funding allows.

The first stage of these proposals was also implemented, with painting and signage work undertaken at the school by the live project group.