Year | 2023
Location | Margate, Kent
Clients | Bon Volks

Bon Volks and Sheffield School of Architecture work together to theorise how a Material Exchange Hub would incorporate Circular Economy into Margate.

Students of Sheffield School of Architecture (SSOA) were given Bon Volks’ brief of exploring the feasibility of creating a Materials Hub in Margate. With an expanding network of art institutions, local manufacturing and community groups- understanding how materials are used, processed and disposed of, was key to where Circular Economy principles could be integrated. These principles aim to re-use, repair and compost waste materials, with the intention of extending the life of waste materials as much as possible. The brief stemmed from a previous pilot between Bon Volks and Turner Contemporary, re-using and distributing materials from an exhibition, out to community groups that need them.

Ross Walker, Director at Bon Volks, had this to say when asked what influence the Live Project would have on the potential of a Materials Hub:

“I think the Live Project will build on our initial pilot to give potential stakeholders and funders a tangible vision of what is possible in a town like Margate. It will also give them a visual resource to understand how a Materials Hub will look and the systems that are required to authentically deliver on reducing waste flows in the creative and construction sector.”

Ross Walker (2023)

Circular Margate was formed by the students to serve as a face to the project. Documenting their process on social media, as well as crucially researching into if there is an existing network for waste materials. Identifying this network involved speaking to Margate’s local community groups, asking questions on how they receive and use materials, as well as what future projects they might need resources for.

Much of Margate’s industrial estates for example Westwood Industrial Estate, had an abundance of local businesses willing to share resources. Roe Timber, Travis Perkins, CAT Automotive and Newfound Brewery supplied timber and timber pallets for the Garden Gate Project . In its simplest form, Circular Margate sought to serve as a point of contact between Donors and Makers. In a trial with a local community group, Circular Margate sought to collect, deliver and build a small scale project – learning valuable lessons on how a system could be better suited to the needs of the community. Compiling the students’ week in Margate, a networking and feedback event was hosted at Bon Volks; the project received great reception and plenty of feedback to push the potential even further – with participation from local groups, tradespeople and residents learning about Circular Margate’s findings and providing
their thoughts on a potential Materials Hub.

Spokesperson for Circular Margate, Emma Stone, stated:

“Over the course of the 6 week project, we as a team have enjoyed delving into the Circular Economy & looking at its feasibility within Margate.”

Emma Stone (2023)


Mentor: Lettice Drake
Client: Bon Volks
Location: Margate, Kent
Students: Roukan Moustafa, Onoseta Felix Ilemhenbjio, Joshua Snow, Emma Stone, Ching Sui Yeung, Lydia Owen, Ethan Medd, Martin Sekac, Sebastian Slater, Zhijun Cheng, Lavanya Krishnamoorthy Acharya, Arif Suhardi Lambong