Park Hill Pavilion

Year | 2021
Location | Park Hill, Sheffield
Clients | S1 Artspace

S1 Artspace is an artist-led organisation in the heart of the Park Hill Estate in Sheffield. Our Live Project, Park Hill Pavilion, intersects at a key point in S1 Artspace and the Park Hill Estate’s trajectory as they undergo development.  S1 Artspace is looking to develop their exhibition and events programme by activating the external space in the Park Hill Estate through a temporary Pavilion installation that will act as a catalyst to engage the public. The Live Project initiates this with a brief to develop initial feasibility options for the first Pavilion and deliver a curated exhibition surrounding it.

Our process began with early engagement of identified stakeholders to understand what action could be taken to elevate their interest in S1 Artspace, art in general and a future Pavilion. From this feedback, collaboration with S1 Artspace and research, we were able to provide three feasibility options for temporary Pavilions. These options were each carefully programmed to engage with the diverse demographics in and around the Park Hill Estate.

To respond to the climate emergency, we researched constructing the Pavilions from reused low impact timber pallets which are abundant, affordable and reconfigurable. To prove our material option we tested and prototyped to develop a simple and accessible construction system. This creates flexibility and the potential for the Pavilion to be built by a community group. Alongside this, with S1 Artspace expertise, we developed an interactive exhibition to follow the Live Project. The exhibition will act as an opportunity for the community to engage with the design process.

Our Live Project is the first of a number of key stages in the overarching vision for the Park Hill Pavilion. The next step is the public exhibition in July 2021 with a public consultation on the Pavilion feasibility options. Following this the final Pavilion design will be taken through to planning and construction. The Live Project team has provided a legacy document and a design document that outline strategy options for these next key stages. These include potential organisations and groups that can continue the design process as well as information on the design outputs of the Live Project.


Mentor: Lettice Drake
Client: S1 Artspace
Location: Park Hill, Sheffield
Students: Claire Wilkinson, Dovydas Simkus, Sebastian Chambers,
Olive McAndrew, Esme Kilshaw, Jiaxin Wu, Alex Cole, Ankie Ng,
Matthew West, Rafi Bear, Zhixian Li, Shuang Zheng, Zhuoqun
Wang, Rui Xie, Shengjie Cui