Caribbean Sports Club

Year | 2021
Location | Ecclesfield, Sheffield
Clients | Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club

The Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club Live Project team has worked closely with the club’s members to kick-start the process of building a new clubhouse that can bring new opportunities. Over six weeks the team has prepared a new design and a planning and funding pack that will help the club to move forward in this process and give them a vision of how their facilities can be improved.

The Live Projects team was tasked with resolving the issues of limited accessibility, uncomfortable changing facilities and insufficient space for social events in their current pre-war clubhouse.

Consultation events took place with the club’s members to understand the needs and aspirations of their future clubhouse and to get their thoughts on the design. Models, presentations, design boards and online questionnaires were made to engage the members with ideas and receive feedback. A collaborative vision of what sports club could be was built. It was extremely valuable to the team as it started conversations that defined the design and informed on the final proposal.

This proposal seeks to replace the existing clubhouse with a new facility, meeting current requirements for accessibility and safeguarding. The proposed building would allow the club to use its football and cricket fields simultaneously. It would also provide a fully accessible social space for the club and the wider community. This space will be used to attract new members, reach out to local schools and community groups, and form part of a sustainable income strategy through event hire for local community events. The proposal will integrate sustainable technologies as far as possible and form part of a wider site strategy to improve the club’s facilities.

The project outputs reflect Caribbean Sports Club’s needs both today and in the future. A new website allows them to share the latest club news and enables players to book facilities, pitches and pay for membership. A briefing document and funding pack outlines the project scope and benchmarks similar clubhouse projects to provide an outline of the estimated project cost, to help the club secure ECB funding and attract other potential stakeholders. Finally, the planning pack provides a long-term vision for the club which will be used when applying for a planning application. These outputs are intended to start the planning and funding process, support existing members and encourage the wider community to get involved in the club.


Mentor: Jo Sharples
Client: Sheffield Caribbean Sports Club
Location: Ecclesfield, Sheffield
Students: Luke Brennan-Scott, Ge Dong, Michael Durkin, Thomas
Franks, Hamzah Hussain, Muhammad Javed , Lauren Jones, Ziyu Li,
Fei Liao, Sophie Mayer, Maja Oparnica, Chiu Ho Anthony Wong, Joe
Xavier, Yinghua Ye, Wuyang Zhou