Year | 2017/18
Location | Castlegate, Sheffield
Client |  Kate Dore, Yorkshire Artspace; Bally Johal, Bal Fashions Speakeasy

Roll up! Roll up! Come in close! Sharpen your ears and gird your eyes for our magical journey has already begun. The fascinating story of The Great Pier starts where the Great Castle of Sheffield once towered tall and the rivers Sheaf and Don collide withal. This is not one to miss.

This spectacularly unique location, where archaeologists, artists, entrepreneurs and folk from all over the land collide in the merriment of what came before and anticipation of what’s yet to come. The reawakened Exchange Street buzzes with life once again on the street below, playing host to an abundance of creative enterprise and alternative endeavours.

The Great Pier itself stretches heroically above the castle ruins. Its majestic red rachis leads adventurers along a transformative journey to one of its two equally as red snouts. Transcended through time by magic and sorcery, a simple gaze through our telescopes is wont to fracture the present, revealing Sheffield Castle, the archaeological dig and potential prospects. This magnificent contraption permits you to traverse time effortlessly, travelling through the past, present and future. On completion of your inquisitive voyage, The Great Pier’s familiar red spine leads you back to the lively milieu of Exchange Street where you are requested to meet like-minded explorers for a drink or two back at Bal Fashions speakeasy.

But please, this is only the introduction of this unfinished and weighty tome. Our journey is just beginning on our quest for a greater Castlegate. This very page is where this story takes flight. How high it soars is up to you.

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