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Sheffield Ski Village

Year | 2012
Location | Sheffield Ski Village, Sheffield, UK
Client | Tim Justice and Dave White

In May 2012 Sheffield Ski Village was devastated by a series of fires which destroyed much of the site leaving many staff without work and the Sheffield Sharks Ski club without a permanent home. Since then theft and vandalism have exacerbated the situation and emphasised the problems faced by the Ski Village.

Live Project 7 worked with the Sheffield Sharks to start to reimagine the future of the Ski Village and the surrounding area of Parkwood Springs. The client specified three major objectives at increasing scales and timeframes: Investigation of ways in which the club can get up and running in the short term; diversification of activities to attract and accommodate additional groups, investors and sponsors; better integration of the Ski Village site with the wider area, including engagement with local communities and enabling transport links with the city centre.

In response to the brief, the team envisaged three stages of development for the site consisting of small, medium, and large scale interventions. The first stage is the immediate security, restoration of destroyed facilities and a temporary clubhouse. The second stage sees a permanent ski clubhouse; the addition of different sports facilities as well as accommodation in the form of chalets. The third stage sees the addition of a second ski slope and sports facilities as well as improved public transportation links. Sports stores, restaurants, cafes, and market stalls were strategically located across the site.

Designing for the complexities of the site’s size, time scale, stakeholders, and user groups, the team achieved the following outcomes:

1. A document comprising a collection of ideas, ranging from strategies to visualisations, in response to the design challenges facing the Ski Village.

2. A site model of the three phasing strategies and a model of the final Masterplan phase design.

3. Prototypes of two benches constructed out of materials gleaned from the derelict site as part of the first phase Masterplan strategy.

4. A design presentation and engagement exhibition with members of the Sharks Ski Club

5. An engagement workshop with local college students to find out their thoughts on the existing and future usages for the site.

The body of work produced is not a fixed design scheme, but rather serves as a platform of common interests between the client and various stakeholders to discuss the immediate and future usages for the site. The outcomes form a database of ideas and resources that can be referenced in future consultations. The project also serves to encourage a collaborative and holistic development plan for the wider area.

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