School consultation

Year | 2010
Location | Villages of Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave, Howdenshire, UK
Client | Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave Parish Councils

The Wallingfen Way project is an initiative set up by three parish councillors of Howdenshire, aiming to transform the B1230, a ‘scar on the landscape’, and replace it with a distinct rural community corridor.

The project was created with the aim of reinforcing the character and identity of the three Howdenshire villages bisected by the B1230, a former vital A-road between Goole and Hull, now superseded by the M62 motorway. The B1230 road has now become a ‘bully’ dominating the landscape, as the wide A-road infrastructure remains, supplemented with recent traffic calming methods inappropriate to the rural surroundings. Creating issues between the villages of Gilberdyke, Newport and North Cave, the most notable is the separation of local communities.

Can a sense of community be achieved whilst still providing an important piece of infrastructure for local industry and commuters?