Year | 2003
Location | Burngreave, Sheffield, UK
Client | Burngreave New Deal for Communities

Burngreave lies to the north of the Wicker and is an area of urban deprivation subject to regeneration funding under the government’s New Deal for Communities programme.

The live project group had the task of developing proposals for Catherine Street Park, a run-down open space. The park is surrounded by housing that is due to be refurbished over the next three years and it has the potential to form a focus of the community for all age groups.This small local public park in Burngreave is underused and increasingly undervalued. Since its creation in the 1980’s the slow decline of care has resulted in the current reputation for the park being dirty, overgrown and unsafe.

The proposals presented are ideas and possibilities for improvements to the park, which may encourage further debate and exchange of ideas in the ongoing process of consultation and collaboration.

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