Year | 2009
Location | Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield
Client | Forest School

Ecclesall Woods is ancient woodland within the city boundary. It has an old Sawmill site in the middle of it and there are exciting plans for developing a centre for the innovative use of timber in Sheffield.

The Sawmill site already has a number of small businesses and enterprises on the site. Over the past few years we have been building structures there that explore the use of both new local timber and recycled timber.

Last year the Forest School invited students to develop a classroom and the composting toilet and canopy from before that are still going strong. The project is about consultation with the communities that will use the new facility and designing and building an appropriate response to the need on the site. This year the client Ted Talbot is very keen to encourage cyclists to the site and look at what facilities are needed for this. Students will chop down the trees they may use and there is skilled help on hand with working the timber.