Year | 2009
Location | Parsons Cross, Sheffield, UK
Client | Sheffield City Council with Sheffield Futures, S.O.A.R and Chilypep

The project is primarily led by 4 main groups working in Parsons Cross; two bodies whose work is focused on regeneration – Sheffield City Council and S.O.A.R as well as Chilypep and Sheffield Futures who work directly with the community. As a group they have been working to secure funding in order to develop a purpose built young people’s building that will, amongst other things, help raise aspirations and provide a positive resource for young people in the area.

The intention is for the building to be used by young people mainly aged between 13 -19 which includes provision for social, leisure and support work.

The Live Project aims to assess the need for a physical building and hopes to bring new vision and ideas to the project. In the short term we would like to establish trust and hand over an initiative to the young people, by raising awareness of existing facilities and promoting the idea of ownership. We hope this will initiate future intervention to involve the wider community which may look towards a new building, or alternatively utilise the current youth centres to their full potential.