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Sharrard Road Allotment Regeneration Project

Year | 2004
Location | Sheffield, Uk
Client | Sharrard Road Allotments

In 2003 funding was obtained by Sheffield Council from the Allotment Regeneration Initiative (ARI) to continue the regeneration process that had begun a few years before, creating a valuable sustainable community resource.

The aim for the next stage of regeneration was to create a new outdoor classroom for use by the local school and community.

To keep in line with Sharrard Road Allotments ‘best practice’ status the additions had to be accessible to all, well used and cared for, well managed and work in partnership with the allotment tenants, wider community and Sheffield Allotments and Leisure Gardeners Federation. The live project group worked with staff, children and allotment holders to design and build the new Outdoor Classroom. The theme and layout of the plot was decided in consultation with the children, incorporating elements from stories, such as a yellow brick road and plans for a future tin man and scarecrow included in the design.

The children’s involvement is to be continued through a weekly gardening club, where they can have a go at weeding and planting as well as using a small weather station to monitor local conditions.

The club is run by Sarah Watson with the help of volunteers including grandparents and parents of pupils and former pupils.