Year | 2023
Location | Worksop, Nottingham
Clients | Worksop Priory and Gatehouse Community Trust

Breathing New Life into Worksop Priory Gatehouse: A Vision for Community Revival

This project is a dedicated effort by Worksop Priory and Gatehouse Community Trust (WPGCT) to reinvigorate the beloved Grade I listed medieval gem, the Worksop Priory Gatehouse. The project aims were to create an engagement toolkit and exhaustive feasibility study exploring a visionary transitional design proposal, one that reimagines the Gatehouse as a vibrant and essential community cornerstone for generations to come. The proposed design strategy has been meticulously planned through the implementation of phasing, allowing for sufficient financial funding at different timescales. Each of the three interventions is designed to build upon the previous phase, resulting in a continuation of work that ultimately brings us closer to the fundamental vision of a thriving and culturally enriched Worksop Gatehouse.

Immediate Gains: Engaging the Community from the Outset
Our project’s first phase, aptly titled ‘Immediate Gains’, is all about engaging the community during the Gatehouse’s restoration. Here, we present captivating images on the scaffolding that adorn the structure during repairs, narrating the Gatehouse’s rich history and future aspirations. Improved landscaping strategies will enhance the Gatehouse’s surroundings, while strategic lighting plans will deter antisocial behaviour. Moreover, the introduction of interactive lighting and projector shows promises to make the Gatehouse a hub of community participation and cultural enrichment.

Modest Impact: Making the Gatehouse Accessible and Usable
Building upon the ‘Immediate Gains’ the ‘Modest Impact’ phase marks our first physical intervention within the Gatehouse itself. Our primary objective is to enhance accessibility while preserving the heritage asset. Key upgrades include the installation of a platform lift, the widening of doorways, and the addition of external ramps to ensure every part of the Gatehouse is accessible to the community. This newfound accessibility will open the doors to a wide array of community events, craft workshops, and gatherings within the Gatehouse’s historic walls.

Significant Intervention: Paving the Way for Self-Sufficiency
The final stage, the ‘Significant Intervention’, represents the most profound transformation. Here, we prioritise the addition of an extension to the Gatehouse, creating opportunities for financial sustainability while expanding the space’s utility. This extension will not only offer additional room for community activities but also act as an extension of the Priory, accommodating events and workshops. With a strong emphasis on self- sufficiency, this phase ensures the Gatehouse will thrive for years to come, preserving Worksop’s legacy for future generations.

A Proud Heritage Asset Reawakened
The overarching goal of this transformative project is to reactivate a long-dormant heritage asset of Worksop. It aims to inspire community support and establish the Gatehouse as a central venue for communal activities.
Our vision is to reignite the historical and cultural significance of the Worksop Priory Gatehouse, turning it into a symbol of history, culture, and community engagement. As we move forward, WPGCT eagerly continues its journey toward a reinvigorated Worksop Gatehouse, where the echoes of history seamlessly intertwine with the promise of a vibrant and inclusive future. Together, we shall bring the Gatehouse back to life, ensuring it remains a key landmark for Worksop’s residents and visitors alike.

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Mentor: Satwinder Samra
Client: Worksop Priory and Gatehouse Community Trust
Location: Worksop, Nottinghamshire
Students: Georgia Marsh, Sam Hewitson, Rebecca Jilks, Elyza Yunus, Molly Bessell, Rachana Bhor, Zhina Ghazali, Dominik Los, Lucas Spence, Klara Bekhet, Baihui You, Yuxuan Zhou