Year | 2022
Location | Sheffield
Clients | Arts Catalyst & the Future Buildings Group

Our Live Project team has been working with Future Buildings, a group of small charity and cultural organisations/projects with a shared commitment to positive social change. Their work is rooted in and responds to local needs through creative learning, creating opportunities and solidarity building with communities in South Yorkshire. The group came together due to concerns with the lack of affordable, safe and permanent space within Sheffield. They hope by working together the group will become more resilient and mutually supportive to gain support for investment and recognition within Sheffield City policies.

For 6 weeks we have worked alongside the Future Buildings group through weekly client meetings, questionnaires and a two week-long client engagement workshop. This has led to the production of a promotional document that showcases the individual organisations and their impact on communities, the current challenges they face to sustain themselves in their spaces, a prototype lease and identifies their shared 10 year vision. This document has further been influenced through meetings with the council and a developer.

Additionally, creating an advocacy tool to publicly showcase the importance of their work and their current challenges was vital in representing the need of small organisations in Sheffield. With this, the Live Project group and wider client group co-designed an identity for Future Buildings through branding design and a website. The website will be used as a tool to represent their future vision to the public and to broaden their network and become more inclusive of other grass roots venues.

Alongside this we held an 4-day exhibition to showcase the individual organisations and their shared future vision. We also exhibited our design options for spatial arrangements, a vision of a shared space and modular furniture to help our clients create an adaptable and useful space for all organisations to use. 

Our work and research developed during this Live Project will feed into building a case for Future Buildings to gain support from Sheffield City Council and engage with potential partners to push for a change in policy. 

Instagram: @futurebuildings.lp


Mentor: Lettice Drake
Client: Arts Catalyst & the Future Buildings Group
Location: Sheffield
Students: Javeri Cameron, Jennifer Chan, Parth Rajesh Chauhan, Shudan Liang, Samuel Marshall, Rebecca Oldroyd, Shruti Satish, Hanxi Shi, Slavena Simeonova, Harjyot Singh, Jiayi Song and Yu Shang Sunny Wu.