Year | 2022
Location | Heeley, Sheffield
Clients | Handlebards, Heeley Trust, Sheffield College

In 2019, the previous Live Project, Thriving Heeley, produced an interactive masterplan for the Heeley area commissioned for “social prescribing” by the Handlebards – a sustainably minded, travelling theatre group. This year, our project develops their proposal for Heeley People’s Park, the Tree Theatre, with an additional group of clients; Andy from Heeley Trust, who own the parkland, Mark from Studio Polpo who have been progressing the design and Michelle and Michael from Sheffield College who are eager to have their construction students participate in the construction process. 

Therefore, the outputs for the project are summarised in three strands:

  • The design – progressing the developing the design from Thriving Heeley and Studio Polpo at a range of scales to prepare the project to enter the planning phase and realise the needs of the community, site and client. 
  • A crowdfunding strategy – creating material that promotes our realised design by sharing the benefits of this community-backed project with potential donors in a crowdfunding video. 
  • A student engagement strategy – creating a lesson plan to develop sustainability knowledge and a mini project brief to explain the student built aspect of the project – the tree theatre temporary bar – that will be a yearly construction and de-construction work experience over the summer for joinery students. 

By creating these outputs, we’re aiming to secure a future for the Tree Theatre project and provide a precedent for a long line of live projects that promote successful transitions of information from year to year as this project begins to grow.


Mentor: Sam Brown
Client: Handlebards, Heeley Trust, Sheffield College
Location: Heeley, Sheffield
Students: Zetian Dai, Dylan Fardon, Choon Yuan Wang, Mia Gaines, Ailsa Johnston, Adam Kerrod, Shiwei Liang, Yi Li, Yilin Luo, Yumeng Niu, Emily Simpson, Jameson Slevin.