Year | 2017

Location | Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Client | Matt Dean, Zest Community Centre

The Zest for the Future project focuses on the revitalisation of the Zest Community Centre for Netherthorpe, Upperthorpe and Langsett. We determined two key areas of research: to provide a vision for future, which can act as a creative catalyst within the community, and to create a considered design, focused on the practical aspect of attaining funding. By working with the client and Zest, we have developed an architectural response to meet the demand of the community, alongside a continuous engagement process with the local residents.

The project brief involved aligning the needs of the Community Centre with funders. The parameters for funding involved enhancing community awareness and using co-design to generate ideas from the people who use or have a stake in the future of Zest. Together with the client and volunteers, output was displayed publicly for comment from the community and suggestions added continuously to refine the brief. Part of our role involved demonstrating how integral Zest Community Centre is for the Netherthorpe and Upperthorpe area.

This developed into a design centred around the focus of funding. Each phase of design catering to different fund sources and their requirements.

Throughout this project the team developed a strong relationship with the client to present a vision, and also creating a local discussion concerning the use of space in their area. Our work allows them to apply for funding with a visual aid and have some ownership over the eventual outcome of their community centre. The Live Project team endeavoured to apply their expertise to create tools, illustrate and convey design outside its professional setting.

We have delivered a feasibility document that helps Zest, our client, to communicate their ideas to the wider community, architects and potential funders. The document contains the wide breadth of research to define what the grand scheme could or should be. It demonstrates how participation with stakeholders can be undertook and applied to enrich the outcome.

For more information on the Zest Centre, you can find their website at

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