Year | 2016
Location | Elsecar Heritage Railway, Barnsley
Client |  Andrew Earl, Chairman of the Elsecar Heritage Railway; Elsecar Heritage Railway

Elsecar Heritage Railway is a not-for profit charitable organisation that runs and restores heritage locomotives along The Coalfield Line in the Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire. Financially stable, the railway are looking to extend the line one mile to Cortonwood, constructing two new stations in order to enhance their visitor offer.

The work of EHR//LIVE responds to the brief given by Elsecar Heritage Railway in a   unique, critical and appropriate manner. Thorough research developed a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, its history, and the rich industrial heritage of the surrounding area, enabling EHR//LIVE to propose playful, elegant and contextual solutions. Using EHR//LIVE’s proposals, Elsecar Heritage Railway can pursue development and expansion both immediately and in the years to come, transforming the railway and connecting the industrial heritage of the surrounding area.

EHR//LIVE have provided:

  • Two functional and practical designs for stations at Hemingfield and Cortonwood, retaining a contemporary aesthetic with poetic elements.
  • A suite of graphics, enabling the Elsecar Heritage Railway to better communicate with their volunteer and customer base.
  • A charming film, aimed at attracting more volunteers by showcasing the joy of working on the railway.
  • A series of documents, detailing the work of EHR//LIVE and providing useful, supplementary information upon which the railway can base their expansion.  

To view the video, please click below.

Volunteer Vid mock up

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