Whole School Event

Year | 2005
Location | The Arts Tower, Sheffield
Client | University of Sheffield School of Architecture

The School of Architecture organises an annual ‘Whole School Event’. This two day exercise aims to unite the architecture year groups using a series of lectures, workshops, exhibitions, small projects, debates and fun activities. A group of 5 students organised the 2005 ‘Whole School Event’ as their live project.

Through brainstorming and debate the theme Architecture: Experience Versus the Still Image’ was selected and developed into an Event programme. The Whole School Event was a success with record attendance. There was much interest in ‘The Story of the Arts Tower’; an exhibition into the history of the Arts Tower – from the university’s decision to build a new Arts building to the present day. There was also a successful art exhibition called ‘Art by the Architects’ which was sponsored by Race Cotton Architects and people suggested that it became an annual event.

A small handout guide on organising the event was made to aid future organisers in organising the WSE.